Hema Supermarket China

Hema Supermarket China

This is the future. QR code scanning for shopping has been around for a couple of years – Korea has had that available for grocery shopping for a while – but Hema Supermarket has introduced a new concept of supermarket meets restaurant (cook what you buy on the spot) and buy the freshest produce from around the world, then checkout with the Hema app that is linked to Alipay. This is the cashless economy.

“Hema supermarket is what you get when you imagine a seamless blend of the online and offline shopping experience.”

I can’t wait to see how the retail space shapes up with the new transactional behaviours. Jack Ma is truly a visionary.

It’s hard educating International clients on how far ahead of the curve China is. The last time a client launched a backward app, they insisted on making a “how to use this app” video for the China market, which not only insults the end consumer, but shows poor understanding of the market.

Juliana Loh

Juliana is a freelance marketing communications strategist with more than a decade of experience in the field of advertising, journalism and luxury hospitality, with a focus on China and the Asia Pacific region.

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