Great solo show of Yayoi “polka dot” Kusama’s A dream I dreamed. I wish it was  a little better organised as there were long winding queues to enter the “Infinity mirrored room – gleaming lights of the souls” which I call the intergalactic trip room. It’s also a super limited time, you’re herded in 5 […]

Marrakech is one of those magical places you read about in novels full of Arabian mystery and that sense of poetic chaos in the city is that exact same experience as you’re assaulted by lots of colours, sounds and haggling shop keepers. But it’s wonderful. Shopping? You’re spoilt for choice, it’s overwhelming! The medina is […]

If you’re planning weekend in Macau next weekend – take some time to suss out creative wares from local designers (Macau and Hong Kong) at the Art Fair 2014 @ 5 Outuburo Street. A talented local designer friend is selling her wares. Check out her Facebook page to get an idea of her works. Technorati […]

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Two of my favourite buildings in Macau for cultural activities are the Macau Art Museum and the Macau Science Centre – both designed by architect I.M Pei, probably most known for Pyramide du Louvre in Paris to the layman. Both these beautifully designed spaces in Macau seem to be under publicised and somewhat under utilised with the […]

Well, here has 2013 gone? It has flown me by again and it’s the time of year for hard drive spring cleaning, social channels housekeeping and reflecting on how fast, furious and exciting this year’s been. Here are some highlights from my Instagram in 2013, the rubber duckie craze that made International news headlines many […]

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