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Juliana Loh is the Founder of JLoh Communications Ltd offering specialised services in Marketing Strategy and Social Media, with a focus on China and the Asia Pacific region. With a background in advertising and journalism, she started her accidental foray into the hospitality industry where she headed up PR and Communications at The Opposite House, Beijing  before moving to the Corporate office in Hong Kong as the Social Media lead for Swire Hotels. JLoh works on regional projects – giving counsel to streamline, adapt and create strategies for different markets, as well as facilitate Social Media workshops. Clients in Asia Pacific include Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts , Petrie PR and Le Creuset. Juliana is currently based in Macau, with a foot in Hong Kong, by way of Beijing, Treviso and Singapore.

JLOH churns out press releases, collaterals, SEO optimised website copy and video scripts for your social channels, including rewriting and proofreading Chinese to English back translations.

A creative portfolio of years working on regional and global accounts in English and Mandarin in Singapore, Italy and Beijing. Services include strategic overview, ideation and concept development.

JLOH provides strategic input, in-market cultural insights for adaptation of global campaigns on branding, marketing and content creation-specialising in the China market.



Apr 19 2015

Macanese cuisine is an intoxicating mix of Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, Goan, Malay as well as African culinary influence, but sadly it’s often misunderstood to be purely a fusion cuisine of Portuguese and Chinese and signature dishes that everyone writes about and comes to Macau to eat is the pork chop buns (which isn’t Macanese food) […]

Apr 18 2015

I don’t know about other residents or expats living in Macau who have lived here in the long run, but I found it incredibly hard finding a good place to get hearty portion of luscious deliciously dressed salad the 2.5 years I’ve lived in Macau. While there’s plenty of fine dining restaurants and local diners serving […]

Apr 09 2015

  Here’s my piece in full length and the shortened version on Cha Gordo on the SCMP here. Chá-Gordo translates to “Fat Tea” from Portuguese and was a regular gourmand affair for big Macanese families to celebrate catholic holidays (carnevale, Easter and saints days), weddings, a baby’s Christening or birthdays. It has become a rare […]